Custom Manufacturing

Welcome to MZZK . We are an FDA registered facility in service to you, and have been manufacturing private label skincare products for companies all over the world.


has a full scale Research and Development Department, Manufacturing and Production Center, and Quality Control Department. Our well seasoned, time tested experience in the skin, body, and hair care industries ensure superb end-results for your finished product line. We offer custom formulated products for retailers, distributors, marketers, and entrepreneurs. Our exceptional customer service department makes your experience with MZZK a truly pleasant and enjoyable creative endeavor. This is one of the many ways that MZZK has distinguished itself as a private label manufacturer.

We specialize in using high-quality ingredients formulated and manufactured utilizing innovative natural science with competitive pricing for a truly competitive product line. If you're interested in partnering with us for your business endeavor. Contact us now and we will happily offer an individualized consultation.

Private Label Skin Care Products and More

MZZK custom-creates a wide variety of skincare, bath, and body products from high-quality, carefully sourced ingredients. Because we operate our own manufacturing lab, we can formulate an extremely wide variety of products for your personal and private label use. Some of our more popular products are private label lotions, cremes, serums, scrubs, balms, and facial skincare products like serums, masks, beard oil, eye creams, and lip care. We also offer shampoos, conditioners, hand and foot care products, gels, essential oil, and much more.

Contact us via email at to take the next step in the development of your unique brand and product line.